Nuestro equipo

Great work requires a great team

Great work requires great people, and our team has the best.

We are a creative, proactive, pragmatic and diverse group, who really enjoy what we do.

Our team spirit, experience and perspective help us create solutions that go far beyond a good idea.

Cristina Latorre

CAEMBA project director
She directs the CAEMBA project. She is responsible for the logistical coordination of the works and the allocation of resources according to their availability. Facilitates coordination on the ground, as well as with donors.

Manuel Pallares

Executive director
He is a biologist and has a master's degree in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Manuel is responsible for the design and construction methods of CAEMBA. He also coordinates the relationship with donors and other actors of the Raíz Foundation projects.

Pablo Yépez

President of Raiz Foundation
He is an ethnobotanical biologist. Responsible for the administration of Fundación Raiz and its projects.

Alvaro Samaniego

Communications director
Álvaro Samaniego, writer and journalist, with a master's degree in Cultural Journalism. Three decades of experience in journalism and communication, with greater application in strategic communication and journalism for sustainability. Seven books published.

Miguel Duarte

Anthropologist and researcher

Juliana Pallares

Founder of Beyond Lagartococha

Iván Yépez

Financial administrative manager

Diego Quishpe

Administrative coordinator

Fausto Arévalo


Juan Fernando Serrano

Manager of the bamboo farm and the CAEMBA treatment and production plant
He has worked for 30 years in the area of ​​production lines in decoration, furniture and sustainable constructions in wood and bamboo.

Marjorie Guerrero

Field and social work director
She is in charge of coordinating the work and logistics that Caemba carries out in the field. She works in the project office in Atacames.

Yuli Valencia

Field technician

Pascual García

Production manager
He is in charge of coordinating the production, distribution and assembly of bamboo structures in CAEMBA.

Dilon Arrunateguis

CAEMBA qualified builder

Jairo Arrunateguis

CAEMBA qualified builder

Winston Ladázuri

CAEMBA qualified builder

Pedro Jama

CAEMBA qualified builder

Jesús Ulloa

CAEMBA qualified builder

Edison Santana

CAEMBA qualified builder

Eduardo Arrunateguis

CAEMBA qualified builder
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