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Fundación Raíz Ecuador-Caemba develops bio-enterprises in Sucumbíos

Fundación Raíz Ecuador – Caemba has started its activities in the territory for the project ‘Development of bio-enterprises derived from cassava and peach palm with Siekopai and Siona cultural identity.’ Raíz is part of the Bio-enterprises in the Northern Amazon project, funded through the Small Grants Program (SGP) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in coordination with the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Ecological Transition.

The objective is to strengthen productive associations of women living in Siona and Siekopai communities within the Cuyabeno Faunistic Production Reserve and its buffer zone. At the end of the process, three products (bio-enterprises) will be defined for commercialization. In this way, women ensure having sustainable livelihoods.

The women participated in the socialization process in the Siekopai and Siona indigenous communities.

To introduce this project, Pablo Yépez, Executive Director of Fundación Raíz Ecuador – Caemba, along with Emilio Pallares, project technical assistant of Raíz, visited Lago Agrio on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, to present the project to the Prefect of Sucumbíos, Mr. Amado Chávez, and other officials of the Provincial Government of Sucumbíos.

The meeting with the authorities of Sucumbíos took place at the GAD Sucumbíos office in Lago Agrio.

At the meeting, the action plans were outlined to establish a strategic alliance between both organizations with the aim of benefiting the Siekopai and Siona indigenous communities of Sucumbíos.

Furthermore, on Wednesday, June 9, the project socialization process began with the women’s associations of two Siekopai communities and one Siona community at the community center of Wai’ya in the province of Sucumbíos.

In the socialization workshops, Mr. Elias Piaguaje, president of the Siekopai-NASEPAI nationality, also participated. The participants and authorities of this indigenous nationality reaffirmed their desire to work together with Raíz to achieve the objectives of our foundation, which are the multiplication of well-being and the generation of sustainable communities.

Mr. Elias Piaguaje, president of the Siekopa-NASEPAI nationality, during the socialization with the women.

We aim to multiply well-being and create sustainable communities through this project. Our goal is to improve the living conditions of women, and in that context, the work we do in favor of these women is essential to achieve the objective of creating sustainable communities.

We thank the SGP, the GAD Sucumbíos, and the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Ecological Transition for working together to benefit the women of these communities.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

Fundación Raíz is dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), working with indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorian, Montubio, and Mestizo groups across Ecuador.

Our projects support various communities: Sionas, Siekopai, Kofan, Chachi, Kechwa, Waorani and Shuar, covering six linguistic families.

Our CAEMBA housing initiative focuses on the Afro-Ecuadorian and Montubio populations in Esmeraldas, addressing challenges of poverty and high crime rates. We commit to equitable treatment, opportunities for all, and the elimination of barriers to participation.

By valuing every voice and fostering community resilience, we aim to create a more inclusive, equitable society.

Our leadership is committed to DEI principles, ensuring our efforts reflect the diversity of the communities we serve and contribute to sustainable development and social justice.


Fundación Raíz está dedicada a la diversidad, equidad e inclusión (DEI), trabajando con grupos indígenas, afroecuatorianos, montubios y mestizos en todo Ecuador.

Nuestros proyectos apoyan a varias comunidades, Sionas, Siekopai, Kofan, Chachi, Kechwa, Waorani y Shuar, cubriendo seis familias lingüísticas. Nuestra iniciativa de vivienda CAEMBA se centra en las poblaciones afroecuatorianas y montubias en Esmeraldas, abordando desafíos de pobreza y altas tasas de criminalidad.

Nos comprometemos a un trato equitativo, oportunidades para todos y la eliminación de barreras para la participación. Valorando cada voz y fomentando la resiliencia comunitaria, aspiramos a crear una sociedad más inclusiva y equitativa.

Nuestro liderazgo está comprometido con los principios de DEI, asegurando que nuestros esfuerzos reflejen la diversidad de las comunidades que servimos y contribuyan al desarrollo sostenible y la justicia social.