The Amazon forest is home to more species of living organisms than any other place on the planet. It is the largest reservoir of fresh water and an essential element for regulating the global climate.

For those of us who live in South America, the Amazon forest is a vital part of the continent. It has most of our freshwater resources and biodiversity, and its role is critical not only for what exists in it but for what the Amazon does for the entire region.

The Amazon is not only home to incredible biodiversity, it is also home to a large number of cultures that have lived for millennia in harmony with the environment.

These cultures are responsible for one of the main centers of plant domestication in the world, thanks to which many forms of modern agriculture are possible, feeding millions of people around the world.


The directors of Fundación Raíz Ecuador – CAEMBA have been committed for many years to the Amazonian indigenous peoples, and especially to the Siekopai – Secoya people.


The objective of this program is to contribute to the empowerment of indigenous women, through the production of Neapia (black chili) and other products based on the sustainable management of their resources and ancestral knowledge.


Siekopai women, as members of this ancestral Amazonian culture, have a high degree of knowledge about the management its resources and have skills that make them fundamental to their communities. We have created a program for the manufacture and sale of ceramics typical of their culture.
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