The objective of these centers is that through education, women, who are often heads of their families, build skills and obtain financial independence. Thanks to sewing and tailoring courses; cosmetology courses, cooking courses and more, women acquire skills to start their own businesses. In this way, they support their families and escape the cycle of poverty.


Women, and especially the most vulnerable and heads of families, are one of our main concerns. For this reason, we direct our efforts to train them so that they can undertake jobs that allow them to support themselves and their families.


To accomplish this, in October 2019 we built the Women’s Entrepreneurship House in Atacames, a safe space dedicated to women beneficiaries of CAEMBA so that they can receive vocational courses endorsed by the State. With this, they are trained and can generate their own income.


We also help women to associate with each other and build spaces for tailoring and sewing as well as cosmetology. A beauty salon opened in 2021. This community infrastructure has served to enable women to have sustainable livelihoods and undertake entrepreneurship, thereby promoting dignity and a better quality of life thanks to increased income.

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