As part of the response to the 2016 earthquake, we built centers that allow children to spend the day in care and educational activities while parents work.


With financing from Fundación Telefónica Ecuador, Caemba developed a model for a bamboo structure designed with spacious, airy, safe spaces. The centers are built in 5 days and have an open area of ​​230 square meters (10×23).


The centers can be built on existing cement slabs or on the ground. Centers built on land have bamboo or mat floors.


The centers have a perimeter protection of metal mesh covered with plastic mesh. In this way a level of security is provided to the interior as well as protection against weather and insects, while maintaining excellent ventilation and airiness.


The centers are semi-transparent so that parents can observe the children from the outside and the children can see outside. This is an important issue because it generates trust in people displaced by natural disasters. The centers allow children to spend the day being cared for and doing educational activities while parents work.

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